Surat dari pasien: berharap semakin banyak pasien memperoleh harapannya dari saya…..

13 Oktober 2010


Dear Dr. Rahyuss,


With many thanks, I write to you, for being so kind and supportive to me in your evaluation, care, and recommendations. You truly gave the best, listening to me, reviewing my history and instructing me and encouraging me with hope. To be honest, Ankylosing Spondylitis is not such an easy thing for me, but you helped me to live my life easily with it.


I also thank you for your kindness and good humor when doing facet block to me on the Last Tuesday. I had heard nightmare stories about back injection and also what goes on in operating rooms, so I was grateful that my experience was so positive even a bit painful. I did not have to wait long, and the treatment I received was very sensitive and kind. I send my heartfelt thanks to you and the nurses who assisted.


Thanks Dokter once again, and see you again. 🙂


Best regards,



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